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Ann & Terry Panks - Out side their Home in Benchill

copperdale trust

Copperdale is based in what was once Benchill Police Station . It has been 'transformed' over the years into a family home for up to ten young single men who need time to recoup and make a fresh start or new beginning.. Whilst staying in Copperdale there is the opportunity to brush up on life skills and become independent.   Everyone is encouraged to make the very best of themselves and we do our best to help find training and employment and eventual move on.

Copperdale has its own IT suite which is very popular and there is a very wide range of leisure activities available in our United Estates of Wythenshawe project which is a fully equipped professional gym and martial arts facility - dance and performing arts studio and recording studio where you can cut your own music under the supervision of a professional musician.

We are also able to provide lots of outside pursuits, including horse riding. Football etc.

There is 24 hour cover by Ann and Terry, Glenn and Louise, Greg and Sharon, whilst Julie and Amy take care of the admin.


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copperdale trust
copperdale trust copperdale trustcopperdale trust

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